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PDF to DOC Converter

This PDF to DOC Converter is the best, free web app to create an editable Word (.doc) document from any PDF file!

Optimized image detection

Our PDF to DOC converter will not destroy your document format. The advanced detection algorithms we use make our online tool on of the best available.

Unlimited free PDF to DOC conversions

This file converter is a completely free online tool with no hidden costs or obligations.

OCR for scanned PDFs

It doesn’t matter if your PDF contains text or images, our PDF converter will extract text from images in the PDF using an advanced OCR engine.

DOCX Format supported

If you want create standard DOCX files that are smaller than your traditional DOC and PDF files, you can use this converter instead.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is important for us. All files are removed from our servers immediately after the document conversation is complete, and no one will ever look at your documents either.

Why would you want to use our free PDF to DOCX converter? The answer is simple. You need to be able to create a file that you can easily edit in any document editing application, and you need to save space in your drive. Let’s explain these further and look at other possible reason that you would want to use our PDF to DOC converter. What if a work colleague sent you an important PDF? You noticed that the PDF file has incorrect information or a lot of typos. You don’t have a way to edit that PDF file, though. You could convert it into a Word document. The Docx format is now industry standard for document editing. Just about every document editor, including Google Docs, can read and edit these file formats. PDFs can be difficult or expensive to edit. What if the PDF file you received is nothing more than an image? This is common when people use scanners or faxes to save documents or receipts. Scanners and faxes can’t replicate the text, so they create an image of that document instead. Having a scanned image doesn’t work well if you want to edit or archive that file, though. The text on scanned images isn’t searchable. You could convert that PDF to a Doc file with our PDF to Doc converter, though. Our OCR technology will extract the text from that image and create a small file that can be edited and archived. Speaking of small, what would you do with a PDF that has ballooned in size? It’s easy for PDF files to become more than 20, 40, or even 60 MBs in size! Those files are going to take up a lot of space on your computer quickly. You won’t be able to email them to someone either. The Docx file format is a much smaller, more compressed document file format than both PDFs and Docs. Why not convert your PDF to a Docx file to make it smaller? That way you can email it to whoever you need to! There are a lot of good reasons to use our PDF to Docx converter. It is a free, online application that you can use any time of the day. Converting a PDF to a Docx file is as simple as dragging and dropping it on to the screen. Whenever you need to convert a PDF to Docx file, use our PDF to Docx converter!

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