Making of MP3 from a video file is usually referred to as 'How-to Geek.' However, the first thing we need to ask ourselves is, what is an audio file? Before answering this question, there is a need to differentiate between an audio file with a video. MP3, which is the short name for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is one of the two early 1990s format standards considered for MPEG audio. The particular format was given this accolade by Germany's Institute for Broadcast Technology, French research Institute CCETT, and the electronic firm Philips because of their simplicity, computational efficiency besides being error-free.

MPEG-4 Part 14, easily abbreviated as MP4, is an Apple's QuickTime (MOV) format technology, which has added support for other MPEG features. It is crucial to note that MP4 and MP3 fundamentally differ in the types of data the two formats store. Notably, MP4 files can store video, text, subtitles, still images, and audio, whereas MP3 files only store audio. This phenomenon can be referenced merely as, audio coding format for MP3 while MP4 is a digital multimedia container format. MP4 is essentially a file format containing a collection of compressed data. The details of how data is encoded are not the business of MP4 but how to store data in the container itself is the primary interest. Though the MP3 format may sound inferior, it is a technology that is likely to last long as it is considered the de facto standard for music streaming platforms, digital audio players, and music software. Interestingly, regardless of the device or the operating software you have, the MP3 format will most likely work for you.

As mentioned earlier, MP4 videos use high compression, making their file sizes much smaller than other video formats. This compression does not affect the quality of the video file. Since compression ensures the preservation of original quality, MP4s are usually network-friendly and also portable. Below are some of the ways to make Audio Files from Videos.

1. Extraction using the Audio Extractor

This is the best way to extract an audio clip from a video. It’s not only a fast way of extraction but also accurate and efficient. It is easy to extract audio from a video. This extraction has been made even easier by using free software, which strips the audio and then converts it to a choice format in seconds. Technically, video files consist of three parts: the audio, the wrapper, and the video. Most people or users are only aware of or familiar with the wrapper segment of the video file. The wrapper part of the file takes the format .MP4, MKV, .AVI, among other expressions.

2. Use of the QuickTime for Mac Users

Another great way of extracting an audio file from a video is using the quicktime for Mack users. It's as simple as clicking the video file in Quick Time, exporting it, and saving it as an audio file in a matter of minutes.

3. Conversion by use of a VLC Media Player

The media player conversion is not as fast and straightforward as the Quicktime for Mac Users and the audio extractor. It works well with Windows users because it has built-in software that allows the separation of audio from the video file. It has a longer process as below;

  • i. Go to Media and click Convert.
  • ii. Once the dialog box appears, add the video you wish to convert-you can show more options to select the timeline of choice for the audio file and save the changes.
  • iii. Select the conversion options, which could be OGG or Mp3, which is the expected output.
  • iv. Click the wrench icon and name the new audio file and click save note that this is an essential procedure that should not be missed.
  • v. Save the produced file to a destination of choice.

Alternatively, use an online converter to convert MP4 to Mp3 using Windows or other OS. This will extract audio files that are of high quality and it is absolutely free to download it online, and produce original quality. It’s as simple as that. The audio can be used on phones, car sound systems, music player among others. It has the capability of converting thousands of Mp4 files in a matter of minutes.