PDF is one of the most popularly used formats for sending and receiving files on the internet. When it comes to preventing an unauthorized user from reusing or misusing the PDF files, people usually set passwords to protect them. However, due to poor memory or some other unpredictable reasons, they lose their PDF document password and experience rejection to get access to their PDF files. If you also forget your PDF password, how will you retrieve forgotten PDF file password and access the file again? Thankfully, there is a way you can open your document even after you forget the password.


The PDF files can be secured with two different types of passwords. User Level passwords restrict the opening of the file, whereas Owner Level passwords restrict printing, copying, or editing the document. If a PDF file is secured with User Level password, it gets encrypted and to open such files, you need to provide the password. In case, if you forget your password, you need to crack it in order to view the file. The challenges in cracking the password depend on the encryption method as well as the strength of the password. When it comes to Owner Level password, it does not apply encryption to the file; rather, it restricts the users. Keep in mind that one can easily remove the Owner password, using PDF Unlocker software.

Methods to Unlock a PDF File

Copyright laws have been designed to stop distributing and duplicating PDF files. The holder of a file does not allow users to print, copy, and edit the documents that are secured with Owner Level Password. But, if you need a copy, print, or edit a file, you need to follow the below methods.

Use Google Drive

Google Drive is created by Google to provide a file storage service. It allows you to store documents on the cloud and use them whenever required. To access the Drive, you need to have a free Google account. Follow the below methods to unlock a PDF file via Google Drive:

  • Click on the Gear icon available in the Setting Menu.
  • Go to the upload setting and choose “Convert Text from Uploaded PDF and Image Files”.
  • Click on the red button to create files. A drop-down menu will appear containing the PDF files. Choose the files that you need to unlock.
  • The file will be uploaded, and a test document will be created in the Drive.

Take a look at some of the restrictions that you might face

  • Only owner level password will be eliminated.
  • Original formatting will not preserve.
  • It allows you to upload a file with a maximum size of 2 GB.

Use PDF Unlocker Fortunately, there are a number of unlockers available online that allow you to recover your lost PDF at free of cost. Unlock your PDF online without any charges and enjoy PDF recovery service. Thanks to Unlock PDF, it becomes easy and hassle-free to unlock a PDF. Simply follow the below steps:

  • Choose your password-protected PDF and upload it.
  • Wait until the conversion completes after clicking ‘Convert’.
  • Download the result. You will be able to open your PDF file without password again.

Isn’t it easy to unlock a PDF file with our Unlock PDF online tool? You can use this tool to unlock as many PDFs as you want. There are no file size restrictions. There are no upload limits or hidden costs. Enjoy the PDF recovery service at free of cost.