For many years, developers have been using Microsoft Automation. But this has changed with the invention of Aspose which is basically a class of library that aids in interacting easily with Microsoft office suites that include word document, RTF, HTML’s PDF, Epub among others. Furthermore, Aspose offers also an API for users and developers who prefer data processing in the cloud instead of installing the software on their local computer. The developer is able to create, modify, change or even print any form of document without using Microsoft word. They offer a wide range of products:

Aspose products

This has made Aspose popular and more likeable to its users because of a number of reasons.

Scalability - It’s easily able to interface with a number of applications such as SharePoint. One is able to upload PDF documents to SharePoint and ensure that the functionality is easily scalable. This aid not only in developing server based solutions, buts also generates client’s solutions. If for instance the user wishes to create a number of word documents, the program makes it happen within a short period.

It perfects this by ensuring that the content is properly modified, formatted before the final copy is processed and saved. In the event that there are complex documents generated, they are easily stored on a P4 2.4GHz 1Gb RAM machine in a fraction of a second.

Stability - Many applications fail in stability and mostly integrating the network to produce the expected results. However, with Aspose you will never go wrong. It’s a dynamic system, able to run for long hours and will hardly experience any network downtimes. In short, it’s a user friendly application that is easily interact able with many developers in the industry. Processing speed- Not only is Aspose able to generate documents but its speed too is enormous. One is able to generate thousands of documents in a few minutes, modify them, split, join and ensure that the end result is as per the user requirements.

Flexibility- Aspose is available in various platforms to enable as many users mostly in an organization set up to access the information with ease. These include Aspose for NET, JAVA, Android via Java, iOS via Xamarin and also Android via Xamarin. Wide Variety of Product Families choice- Aspose has also become popular because of the wide range of product family choices. They include:

  • Aspose. Total- Very useful while rendering extensions and Exporters for.Net, Android C++, SharePoint reporting and also extracting Japer Reports.
  • Others include Aspose.Words, Aspose.Email, Aspos. PDF and have given excellent end user results.

Many people who have used Aspose left generous testimonies. Here is what some of them had to say:

Aspose was easy to set up – It’s an easy program that helped our company interface the original document with other programs such as SharePoint to reach out to our staff. Our medium sized company could afford to share PDF documents across every department and within a short period, every staff was well aware of the company’s products and selling our brand was no longer a challenge. Improved our customer service rating-We got great support to the community with short reply times. The fact that Aspose enabled us to integrate information wholly, we were able to get replies in a short period, get feedback from our customers and improve in our areas of weakness. This has enabled us to grow the clientele because at the touch of a button using most of the developed programs, we are able to offer fast hand solutions to our customers.

Many reputable companies such as LULU, Oracle, and Reggate use Aspose, all based on the type of work they carry out on a day to day basis. They are among the companies that have had great testimonies for using Aspose products and became part of a quite impressive success story.

To better understand the power and flexibility of Aspose, it is also worth having a look at the live demos at their website where you can see examples for many use cases:

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Aspose offers free trials for evaluating their products along with an excellent support forum. If this article rose your interest in using their technology and API this evaluation process might be the right way to go to find out if it fits your needs.